A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are the newest intern at the CactiCop HQ.
The CactiCops are the safety between the public and evil cacti!
By incinerating the evil cacti before they reach the consumer the CactiCops keep
windows and gardens all over the world safe.

CactiCop was made using Godot version 3.1!

You can see the source here

How to play:
Plant cacti by placing new pots,
Give the cacti water and fertilizer to make the grow.
if you ignore the warnings a big exclamation point shows up and you will loose points. Having less than -100 points will get you fired!

When the cacti are fully grown they show a little hat!
Now you can compare the fully grown cacti with the warrants in the binder down to the left.
If a cacti match a warrant, place it in the incinerator, if not place it in the box up to the left. Keep in mind that if you are sure that a cactus is evil you can burn them prematurely, but never
But be careful! Making three errors will get you fired! so be sure you read all the warrants before you place a cacti in the box/incinerator!

Good luck son!


CactiCop.zip 56 MB

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