A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is free but please if you found it funny donate to the JingleJam2018!


This game was created in 4 days by a singlemun so expect bugs and imbalanced gameplay! The games is so rushed because I needed to get it out before the Toddy meme died...

The objective of this game is to kill Kazak (spelled wrong to avoid being copystriked).
But for Kazak to spawn you need to collect 10000 points!
You collect points by killing enemies, buying upgrades and destroying castles.
Every time you destroy a caste, two new will spawn at random locations on the map.
When you pass a set amount of point, bigger/higer level castles will spawn.
This happens when the “Time till next event” timer gets to 0.
Follow the arrows to find castles.

Whenever you kill an enemy or a castle, they will drop gold.
This gold can be used to buy upgrades from the market.
The blue arrow always points towards the market making it easy to find.
I recommend players to buy DMG(damage) first!

    I (Squidishhead) is not affiliated with The Yogscast in any way! The game uses audio and video from Yogscasts Videos
If you are part of the Yogscast brand and want this taken down because of Copyright, please contact me at info@squidishhead.com and i will do so!


TODDY.zip 90 MB


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Very nice, really like the Tom voice overs hehe.